Actually no, these are the safest exercises you can do. The danger in exercising comes from force. These exercises virtually reduce force. Because participants are limited by their capabilities, it’s almost impossible to bring harm to yourself through these exertion exercises conducted under our guidance.
Everyone from top athletes to pregnant women, the elderly and everyone in between can benefit from this program. In fact, this high intensity exercise was first developed for the elderly as part of a research project on osteoporosis. Pregnancy and labor are the two most physically demanding events that most women will ever experience. Proper muscle conditioning helps in a smooth delivery and a quick return to shape. Athletes need a conditioning program that strengthens the entire body quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for practice. And of course who wouldn’t like to spend less time exercising while achieving the maximum results? The answer is, everybody.
Because the vascular system supports the muscular system, working your muscles also works your cardiovascular system. When combined with a sensible diet, our high intensity strength training program results in greater fat loss and body sculpting than any other exercise regimen. If your primary goal is to increase body leanness, additional exercises are unnecessary. Rest and recovery time between these high intensity workouts are vital to maximizing results.
Sometime between six and twelve sessions other people will begin to notice physical changes in your body. Of course, sometime between the third or fourth workout your body will be firmer to the touch and you will feel stronger.

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