Ashley Barkley
"I have been training with Hiroshi for the past 6 years and I cannot imagine weight training without him. Supreme Exercise has changed my body! Supreme Exercise has helped me develop strength that I never knew existed."

Sarah Chancellor
After seeing the great results my friends were achieving with once-a-week workouts, I had to give it a try. Four years and two pregnancies later, I'm still training with Hiroshi. He modified my routine so I could continue training throughout my pregnancies. Abdominal exercises were replaced with back-strengthening exercises, which really made a difference in my third trimester. My current goal is to shed the baby weight and continue strength training so I can keep up with my active boys. Supreme Exercise is perfect for a busy working mom like me!

Dorothy Clyne
I have been doing strength training with Hiroshi for around 8 years, I am toned and have good strength. Hiroshi makes it all a truly great experience with sense of humor, encouragement and education on staying fit and eating right. He is reliable, professional and fun. He is the best!

Beth D'Aquin
I am a single mother of three EXTREMELY active teenagers, and have a demanding job in sales. The absolutely last thing I have it time to spend in a gym. But my health is important to me - otherwise, I would not be able to keep up with the fast paced life I have!

Osteoporosis also runs in my family, so the solution to both of these issues is Supreme Exercise training, supervised by Hiroshi.
20 minutes each week is all that's required. It keeps me healthy without putting a cramp into my busy schedule. I've been training with Hiroshi for 7 years now, and plan to continue doing so well into my retirement years.

I recommend the work out to all my friends and family.

Allison Elsee
I have enjoyed weight-training with Hiroshi using the Supreme Exercise technique since 2000. Each week, Hiroshi guides me through a personalized training session geared to meet my specific needs and goals. As a woman, I credit his expertise with helping me build lean muscle and prevent bone loss. Hiroshi keeps me motivated to excel without injury.

Marigny Ernst
I always look forward to my sessions with Hiroshi. He not only keeps you on task but he makes working out fun. I have been one of Hiroshi's clients for several years and know he is the best in his field. He takes interest in his clients and their needs and then puts you to task. I would and do recommend him to anyone looking for this specific type of physical fitness.

Sandi Fleming
Age 58. I began working out with Hiroshi approximately 2 years ago. At that time I was trying to avoid rotator cuff surgery as well as struggling with knee and lower back pain. I have full mobility in both shoulders and knee and back pain are basically gone. I feel the greatest benefit is maintaining flexibility and stamina.

Dante Galliano, M.D.
Hiroshi has been my personal trainer for approximately 18 months. I train with him 1-2 times per week. He is always ready to begin training when I arrive at the gym. He has the workout prepared and does a nice job of creating variety in the workouts. He pushes me during each set while paying attention to technique but is not overbearing. He is also flexible and accommodating when it comes to scheduling workouts.

Jerry Heap
I actually look forward to my weekly work out with Hiroshi. He encourages me to push to levels I never thought I could achieve. I’ve tried working out at home and franchise owned gyms but the personal attention I get with Hiroshi has kept me coming back for over 5 years.

Dave Jansen, M.D.
I have been working with Hiroshi for the past 9 years and have enjoyed the professional approach Hiroshi takes with each of his clients. I have seen impressive improvements in my own physique with modest time requirements. I truly appreciate the intensity of the Supreme Exercise techniques he uses and have not burned out after 9 years.

"Not only is Hiroshi an excellent trainer, he's a great encourager and a wonderful friend - which I find to be my biggest motivation."

Elena Penn
I have been working out once a week with a personal trainer for over seven years using the Supreme Exercise method. My workouts fit into my busy schedule and keep me healthy and trim. I definitely notice the difference when I miss my appointments due to vacation or the holidays... that's why I keep coming back.

Lois Sutton
Not only has Supreme Exercise training with Hiroshi helped me get my body back in shape, it has helped strengthen my arms, legs and core. Hiroshi’s gentle, encouraging style has made it possible for me to stick with the program, not get discouraged and feel completely safe participating in his personalized program!

Ted Stacey
"I needed some way to work out, but I didn’t have very much available time. The Supreme Exercise regimen is perfect for me. Hiroshi has been very attentive to my needs and has developed a program that has really worked. For the first time in my life (I’m 61), I feel physically fit."

Ann Tuennerman
Hiroshi is a very talented trainer. He is very smart and understands the science of weight training and translates that well to his clients. As one of his long running clients I can say that he has helped me achieve many personal goals from marathons to triathlons. I highly recommend his services.

Ginger Wiggins
I have been training with Hiroshi for over three (3) years. The reason I decided to go to Hiroshi initially was because my physical therapist made the recommendation after a knee surgery to help with strengthening and felt the high intensity workout was the way to go. As a result, I found that not only was I improving my knee strength but I was feeling better and losing inches. As a person in their 50’s I feel it important to stay in shape and once I found that it only takes 20 minutes out of my busy day once a week I was sold. Hiroshi is knowledgeable about the equipment and types of workouts that best suit me. He has a great personality and makes the workout pleasant. It would be my recommendation to anyone that is looking to get into shape regardless of size or strength that you should give Hiroshi a try. You will not be sorry.

Tanga Winstead
"I always had a problem finding the time and achieving visible results with exercise. It was hard for me to stick with something when I became bored and never achieved the desired results. I would join a gym like everyone else and stick with if for a while and feel like I wasted my money. Once I started going to Hiroshi, he introduced me to the Supreme Exercise method of weight training and helped me understand the balance between exercise and a lifestyle change, not endless dieting. That muscle burns fat and increases metabolism. I have been an avid client for over 10 years and feel like something is missing if I skip my weekly workout session. I not only lost weight and managed to keep it off for years but improved my posture and overall wellbeing. "

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